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Farm Administrative Assistant Job Description:

To assist with the daily operations of Abbey Farms Admin including rental document acquisition, timeline development, customer assistance, seasonal phone support, hourly employee scheduling, with limited email responses and rental tour/sales.


Farm Administrative Assistant Job Duties

  1. Assist the Venue Manager in collection of all related documents needed per AF contracts (insurance, vendor coordination etc).
  2. Assist the Venue Manager with timeline development and vendor communications for day-of procedures.
  3. Assist the Venue Manager with billing when needed (QuickBooks).
  4. Seasonal customer assistance via phone and email communications set forth in the Abbey Farms Proceedural handbook and When I Work scheduling.
  5. Assist the COO with the management of Abbey Farms When I Work database, seasonal employee scheduling, and seasonal employee work requests.
  6. Assit the COO with the hiring of seasonal workforce.
  7. Assist the COO (and related staff) with month expense reports/reconciliations to accounting department.
  8. Assist with Venue tours/sales meetings with clients on select weekend (when needed).
  9. Assist the Accounting department seasonally with money bag setup and bank deliveries per their requests.
  10. Fulfill additional responsibilites/requests of the COO not directly related to job title at Abbey Farms as needed.


Supervisory Responcibilities

  1. The Abbey Farms Administrative Assistant will report to the COO and coordinate with the Venue & Resource Manager.


Qualifications: (including education and/or experience, language skills, reasoning ability, and any certification required)

  1. Degree/certification in Applied Science/Office Technology or Associate Degree in Office Management or similar or demonstrated experience in a similar typed field with at least 5 years of previous experience.
  2. Microsoft Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel) and Quickbooks.
  3. Self-starter/can-do attitude with the ability to work well with other team members.
  4. Must present a clear and willingness to communicate with the team.
  5. Must present the ability to make real-time decisions and present the ability to think critically both in the short and long term.


Physcial Demands:

The Abbey Farms Administrative Assistant is responsible for the management of the above operations and job duties may include very limited physical labor (i.e. stocking paper etc.). Every effort to work in a safe environment must be made.  It is the Abbey Farms Administrative Assistant’s duty to inform the COO of issues arising from the physical work required to run Abbey Farms.


Work Environment:

Abbey Farms will provide a portable workstation, work phone and equipment necessary (within reason and financial ability) at Abbey Farms.  Abbey Farms will provide a structured and repectful work environment per the Marmion Inc. Policy Handbook.



  1. The signed contract establishes the hourly rate.
  2. A shared office work laptop will be provided at the Abbey Farms.
  3. If needed a work cell phone may be approved.


Vacation Time and Work Schedule:

Vacation time or time off  may notbe requested for the months of September, October, mid-November or December.


Work Schedule (Approximate hours per month):

January through May: Up to 20 hours per month

June through August: Up to 40 hours a month

September through end of December: Up to 80 hours per month


Payrate: $15 per hour.

Paid Vacation Time: N/A