Keep your tree looking festive!

Now that you’ve picked the perfect tree for your home, we suggest the following steps to make sure it stays perfect all the way through the holidays!

Steps for Christmas Tree Care:

  • Ask for a fresh cut at the base before you bring it home. Trim away any stray branches and those at the base.
  • Keep your tree in a sheltered, unheated area such as the porch or garage until you’re ready to bring it indoors.  Make sure it’s standing in a bucket of water to prevent the stump from becoming covered in sap and blocking absorption of water.
  • Set up your tree in a well ventilated area which is away from heat sources - including sunlight! You may want to add a humidifier to the room if your air is extra dry during the winter.
  • Use a high quality tree stand. Make sure that the stand holds at least a gallon of water.
  • Keep the stand full of water.  If the stump is dry for 4-6 hours, you may require a fresh cut at the base or the tree will begin to drop needles.


  • Purchase a tree removal bag ahead of time and set it up at the base of your tree stand to make clean up easier after the holidays.
  • When you first set up your tree, let it stand overnight and settle before decorating it.  During this first day, your tree may also drink up to a gallon of water, so check it frequently!
  • Don’t water your tree with water that has been processed through the home water softener.  This has a high level of sodium and may shorten the life of your cut tree.  We recommend using distilled water or bottled water.