Precut Christmas Trees

Abbey Farms boasts one of the largest and freshest precut Christmas tree lots around!

Due to Abbey Farms soil and climate, many popular Christmas trees just won’t grow here. However, Abbey Farms is lucky to have a Monk relative in the Christmas tree business! Each week during Christmas Joy, Abbey Farms stands a new selection of fresh cut popular Fir trees.

The Precut Tree Process: 

1.     Visit Abbey Farms! No reservation required.

2.     Check in at the main entrance for directions to the staging area.

3.     Select your fresh cut precut tree
(sizes up to 12 ft) & pay in person.

4.     An Abbey Farms employee will help you from here!

5.     Pause for a few minutes to visit the Nagel Farmstead Emporium, Pine Tree Cafe or patio while you’re with us.


Tree Types:

Types of Fir trees will vary year to year, however we will typically carry: Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, Noble Fir and a few new varieties as they become available.



Premium precut trees range from $10.50 - $15 per foot (depending on size), plus tax.

Be sure to ask for a fresh cut on your tree before you bring it home!