Benedictine Monk Inspired Wines

The tradition of wine making has long been a staple in monasteries the world over. The monks of Marmion Abbey are keeping these traditions alive with select small-run wines that have been developed with much care – ensuring that only products of impeccable quality are brought to the patrons of Abbey Farms.

We have a dedicated winemaking partner who has nearly a quarter-century of experience making wine in Northern California. In contrast to the purist notion that some varietals can stand alone, our winemaker’s philosophy of winemaking is that nearly any wine can be made better through knowledge, experience and persistence. 

Alcohol is only available for pick-up in our Nagel Farmstead Emporium - not via online orders.

2019 Marmion Abbey Chardonnay

Comes from the Central Coastal Region of California and includes about 9% of Pinot Grigio to provide another layer to the flavor. Our winemaker chose a sterile filtration process and crossflow technology which is gentler on the wine and keeps the body full.

To finish off this unoaked Chardonnay, it was fermented in stainless steel tanks without any additional aging. The resulting light-bodied, highly refreshing flavor retains just a hint of creaminess, for a thoroughly pleasing dinner wine that you will reach for throughout the warmer months. To enjoy it fully, serve our Marmion Abbey Chardonnay slightly chilled.


2018 Marmion Abbey Cabernet

Includes grapes from just north of Sonoma County including about 13% Pinot Noir grapes to elevate the wine to an entirely new level.  Adding the second varietal brightened up the fruit components of this wine and gave it a lengthy finish.

The wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks with only 11% barrel age, providing its aromas and hints of oak, but in a lighter bodied and highly drinkable table wine you will reach for over and over. To enjoy it fully, store this wine at room temperature and after opening, let it breathe for a few minutes before drinking.