Jobs & Careers at Abbey Farms

Abbey Farms is a great place to work - at least we think so! Either for your first job during one of our seasonal operations or work with our small dedicated full-time team!  There is always something happening at Abbey Farms!  Join our family and work at a company named Best Family Value, Best Family Recreation and Best Entertainment Venue by the Daily Heralds Readers Choice Best of the Best!  ​ Abbey Farms is a non-profit farm run for the benefit of Marmion Abbey - a Catholic monastic community in Aurora IL.

​ Open Positions:


Overall Farm Resource Support

  1. Assist COO and Farm Manager with hiring of seasonal employees.

  2. Directly supervise and train seasonal volunteers.

  3. Coordinate staff/volunteer work schedules.

  4. Provide assistance (if needed) for retail operations

  5. Assist COO with both long-term and short-term development goals and implementation of approved plans.

  6. Assist with the coordination and management of volunteer efforts for Abbey Farms  and ensure proper volunteer hour recording methods are upheld.

  7. Assist the COO with the management and running of the three fundraiser festivals for Marmion Abbey/Abbey Farms: Abbey Farms Produce, Pumpkin Daze and Christmas Tree Sales and acknowledges longer hours may be required to complete tasks.

  8. Manage ordering for various areas of the farm including but not limited to Kitchen and venue resources as needed. 

  9. Coordinate with the kitchen lead during fundraisers to ensure adequete supplies are sustained and check-lists are completed.

  10. Attain/Maintain the appropriate ceritifications, at Abbey Farms cost, to ensure safe management of Abbey Farms ( AED and CPR, Health & Sanitation, Bassett, if applicable)

  11. Fulfill additional responsibilites/requests of the COO not directly related to job title at Abbey Farms as needed.

  12. Please see the attached list for a full detailed view of existing tasks and technical skills.


Qualifications: (including education and/or experience, language skills, reasoning ability, and any required certificatios.

  1. Degree in management or experience in a similar typed field with at least 3 years of previous managerial experience. 

  2. Proficient in MS Word, Outlook, Excel with abilty to extract and manipulate data from various applications. 

  3. Must present a clear and willingness to communicate with the team and be able to direct crews and volunteers professionally and respectfully. 

  4. Must present the ability to make real-time managerial decisions and present the ability to think critically both in the short and long term.

  5. Attain/Maintain the appropriate ceritifications, at Abbey Farms cost, to ensure safe management of Abbey Farms include: 

    1.  AED and CPR certification, 

    2. Health & Sanitation Manager, 

    3. Bassett Certification

  6. Ability and desire to work in a ‘start-up’ like small business environment, roll up your sleeves kind of attitude willing to join together when tasks need completing. 


Physcial Demands:

The Abbey Farms OM will include limited physical labor, (i.e., cleaning, stocking etc.) and prolonged time on feet. Every effort to work in a safe environment must be made.  It is the OM duty to inform the COO of issues arising from the physical work required to run Abbey Farms.  As a salaried management position, more than 40 hours may be required to complete managerial tasks.  


Work Environment:

Abbey Farms will provide a workstation, work phone app and equipment necessary (within reason and financial ability).  Abbey Farms will provide a structured and repectful work environment per the Marmion Policy Handbook and Abbey Farms Proceedure Manual. 



  1. Probationary period of 1 month at hourly rate.

  2. The signed contract establishes the annual salary after probationary period. Competitive salary is commiserate with experience.

  3. An office work station will be provided at Abbey Farms.  

  4. Full health, dental and vision benefits will be available.


Acknowledgment and agreement to abide by both the Marmion Inc. Policy Handbook and the Abbey Farms Procedure Manual is required.  

Vacation Time: 2 weeks. (vacation time does not accrew – must be used within the budget year). 


Vacation time may not be requested for the months of September, October, mid-November or December.  Flextime will be available per the Abbey Farms Procedure Manual. 

General Farm Labor - Part Time, Seasonal

Abbey Farms is accepting applications for part time and seasonal farm labor.  Seasonal operations to begin April/May dependent on weather. 


  1. Ability to work outdoors in a variety of weather on farming related tasks including Christmas tree maintenance and planting, produce planting and maintenance, farm maintenance and more.

  2. Must be able to communicate professionally and respectfully and work in a team setting.

  3. Must show an ability and willingness to learn.

  4. Previous work experience working outdoors in a landscape or farming environment a plus not required.

Physical Demands:

Jobs will include physical labor including Christmas tree trimming, general ‘farm’ work that can be physical in nature, possible operation of tractors and farm equipment. Every effort to work in a safe environment must be made.


$11 per hour up to 40 hours per week.  Weekdays mostly  (limited weekends dependent on weather). Must be able to work a minimum of 20 hours a week with a 3 month commitment.